By Member Chris Link
November 13, 2019

The Alpha Fire Company No.1 Inc. has received reports from residents stating a company called “Volunteer Firefighter Alliance” out of Houston, Tx has called them. They are soliciting by phone call and stating it supports your local fire company. This DOES NOT send money to our department. It supports a nationwide advertising program that reportedly works to help volunteerism. While this may help get the word out about volunteers, it does not financially help Alpha Volunteers at all. Here is a link to their site:

Alpha Volunteers does NO soliciting by phone or door-to-door. We currently have our fire fund drive letter mailed to our first due residences. We also do an ambulance club in the spring/early summer. We will also be doing a portrait mailer in 2020. These are all clearly marked with return address information on it for Alpha.

Please pass the word. Residents of other volunteer fire companies may wish to check on any connection with their local fire company about the phone call solicitation prior to giving any money. We are aware that numerous other fire companies have had the same situation to their residents as well. We advocate for any resident or business knowing where their donation is going.

As the holidays are approaching, we want to ensure our residents and businesses are aware of what is going on. We also want to remind residents that if they ever have any questions about Alpha or our fundraising activities, please call the firehouse or ask a member.

Alpha Fire Company Volunteers
Steve Laughman- President