Membership Sponsored Community Outreach Drive
By Recording Sec. Brandon Null
May 11, 2020

As well all know, the last few months have been challenging for each of us to say the least. It is during times of difficulty that we often see the best come out in people and we are reminded of the generosity of our fellow neighbors and community members. Over the last several weeks, members of Alpha Fire Company have been working tirelessly to figure out how best to help those in need in our community during this difficult time.

After much discussion, we have organized an outreach program being funded completely by donations from members and their families to serve meals to those in the community that are in need during this difficult time. We will be hosting a bagged meal giveaway for our neighbors in need on May 20th, beginning at 4 pm until we run out of food. Each bagged meal will include a hamburger, hot dog, bag of chips and a drink.

All donations collected will go directly to providing meals to those in need, and if funds allow, we will host further food drives in the future. We are extremely grateful to have a supportive community that has stood by Alpha Fire Company for generations and wish to show our gratitude by giving back to the community that has so faithfully supported us as best we can.
On behalf of the members and their families, we thank you again for your continued support and we hope this event can help as many people in need as possible as we continue to stand together in this great community during this time of national crisis.

Stay Safe and God Bless,

Brandon Null
Recording Secretary
Board of Directors
Alpha Fire Company #1