Smoke Alarm Donation
By Deputy Chief Justin Myers
October 1, 2021

Alpha Fire Company would like to thank Saint Paul's Lutheran Church of Littlestown and Littlestown Ace Hardware for their continued support. Saint Paul's collected donations at their Neighborhood Block Party to support the fire company. The money was used to purchase smoke alarms for our free smoke alarm installation program. Littlestown Ace Hardware matched the donation to greatly increase the number of smoke alarms available.

Working smoke alarms are a vital part of your home fire safety plan. Early detection of a fire is key to survival and limits property damage. Smoke alarms are available to residents of the Littlestown area who are unable to obtain or install smoke alarms. Please contact 717-359-4212 and select option 6 or email for information on the Smoke Alarm Program.


Janet (Eline) McMaster October 01, 2021 at 6:39 PM
That was a wonderful event that St. Paul's had and Benny Messinger brought me a tote bag with lots of essentials. I could see by the turnout that people were not only enjoying themselves but also contributing!! Thank you ACE Hdwe. I can see why they are known as "the helpful place"~~